Why a Countertop Water Cooler Is Perfect for Your Home

Apr 06 , 2018

Why a Countertop Water Cooler Is Perfect for Your Home

We all know that water is critical for good health. It helps to regulate your body temperature, lubricates your joints, and protects various tissues in your body. A number of health organizations tell you the average human should consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, but many people just can’t seem to consume this recommended daily water intake.

Some people have said they tend to drink more water at work, though. Why? Because the workplace often has a water cooler that is convenient to access and always cold.

So, what if you had a water cooler at home? Might you drink more water? Wouldn’t it act as a little reminder that you need to fill your glass? Find out how a countertop water cooler in your home could help improve your health and your lifestyle!

Meet Your Water Goals

A countertop water cooler is a great solution if you need to consume more water throughout the day. With a water cooler displayed in your kitchen, you will be constantly reminded of the fact that you’re not consuming enough H2O, which will, hopefully, encourage you to drink more water on a regular basis. It also purifies your water, so you know you and your family won’t be ingesting any bad contaminants.

fridge water spout

Supply of Hot and/or Cold Water

A cold glass of water during the summer months is ideal, as it’s both refreshing and rehydrating, so you can get back out and enjoy the sunshine. With a countertop water cooler, you’ll have cold, purified water in an instant. Imagine how convenient this would be when you’re prepping for your child’s sporting event or planning an outdoor hike.

For the winter months, when you want to warm up with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, the instant hot water supply from your countertop water cooler can’t be matched. It can also provide piping-hot water, perfect for making oatmeal during your morning rush.

Choice of Bottle or Point-of-Use Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water coolers come in two main designs—which provides you with options when it comes to making your purchase. You can choose between the bottled water cooler or the point-of-use (bottle-less) water cooler.

With a bottled water countertop cooler, you will purchase large containers of bottled water to use with your cooler. This is perfect if you live in an area where you are not fond of the quality of drinking water.

With a point-of-use countertop water cooler (bottle-less), you can connect your cooler to your existing water line, allowing you to drink from your local water source.

Environmentally Friendly

Now, you may be saying, “Yes, the point-of-use countertop water cooler would definitely be environmentally friendly, as I will be using my own local water, but what about the bottled water cooler?” Yes, even if you choose the bottled water system, you will find yourself using fewer of the smaller plastic bottles that people discard daily, and the larger water bottles can be recycled and used again. This makes a countertop water cooler a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective system than purchasing cases of plastic bottles week after week.

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Takes Up Less Space Than a Freestanding Water Cooler

If you’ve ever walked into a home with a freestanding water cooler, you may have noticed that they take up a lot of space. They can be big and bulky, and some people may even call them an eyesore. But a countertop water cooler is relatively compact. In fact, some are less than 18 inches in height and less than 13 inches wide—smaller than some of the standard appliances you may have sitting on your counter. This is great if you have a small kitchen where you’d have little room for a freestanding water cooler.


With newer designs, you may even find a countertop water cooler to be a stylish addition to your kitchen décor. We all know that stainless steel appliances are extremely popular right now, and many countertop coolers have jumped on this trend as well. Countertop water coolers can match your current refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, becoming a seamless part of your kitchen.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a water cooler for your home, you need to consider a countertop version. Both compact and stylish, they’ll make a great addition to your kitchen. Offering you the option of a bottled water countertop cooler or a point-of-use countertop water cooler (bottle-less), you will be helping the environment with either choice.

And, of course, with the hope that you will drink more water—either hot or cold—you can hope to meet your daily water intake recommendations. A countertop water cooler is a perfect addition to all of your traditional kitchen appliances.