Smart Water Filters Help Keep Your Water Tasting Fresh

Jun 29 , 2017

Smart Water Filters Help Keep Your Water Tasting Fresh

Walk into any houseware store today, and you will find many options for water filters. This availability is because more people are choosing to filter their water than ever. Why should people filter the drinking and cooking water in their home?  

Why Use Water Filters?

A study by Scientific American has found the nation’s tap water is full of unregulated chemicals. Drinking water straight from the tap can mean drinking water containing 20 to 30 different contaminants. Most of these pollutants come from sources such as agriculture, factory discharges, and wastewater runoffs.

Water filters can eliminate your risk of drinking contaminated water; however, they must be regularly replaced to function properly. Luckily, there are many ways to buy water filters at a discount.

How Water Filters Work

Water filtering systems are designed for water to pass through a filter that traps impurities in the water. These pollutants occur because water is an excellent solvent that dissolves all kinds of chemicals and dirt. The filter becomes dirtier as more impurities are trapped. Therefore, they need to be changed regularly to ensure your water stays filtered.

Water filters can either use physical filtration or chemical filtration to remove impurities. Physical filtration works to remove larger molecules and impurities, while chemical filtration relies heavily on chemicals to remove toxic substances. Some popular water filtration methods such as the activated carbon process, the reverse osmosis process, and the distillation process use a mixture of physical and chemical filtration techniques to purify water.

What Is a Smart Water Filter?

Smart Water filters are a line of filters produced by General Electrical, or GE. The filters are designed as part of GE’s Smart Water line consisting of filtration, softening, and water heating systems. The entire system can work together or separately to provide healthy and better-tasting water.

Why Choose GE Smart Water Filters?

GE Smart Water filters provide quality drinking water for your entire family. What’s more, they offer healthy drinking water at a fraction of the cost. You pay 20% less, making filtered water using GE Smart Water systems much cheaper, compared to buying the same amount of bottled water.

GE Smart Water filters also remove a variety of contaminants. These contaminants include volatile organic compounds often found in public water supply systems, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as any rust and sediments that cause cloudiness and discoloration. Also, the GE Smart Water filter eliminates any bad taste and odors caused by chlorine, so those who dislike the taste of chlorinated tap water can now enjoy a glass of clean, filtered water.


Types of Smart Water Filters

The GE Smart Water system line has many types of water filters. Offering refrigerator water filters to simple water pitcher filters, you are bound to find one to meet all your needs.  

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration technology that uses pressure to push tap water through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane is small enough to trap dissolved inorganic solids, such as salts and ions in the tap water, resulting in purified water coming out from the other side.

GE’s reverse osmosis premium filter is the best filter to remove all major impurities, which include arsenic, sodium, tannins, sediments, lead, ammonia, and more. It can process up to 10 gallons of water per day. That is enough to meet all your drinking and cooking needs.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are the most common household filters. Although not as effective as reverse osmosis filters, they are an economically friendly choice.

Activated carbon filters contain granules of carbon in a charcoal form. These granules have an area full of nooks and crannies. The process occurs through absorption, where liquid or gas impurities are trapped by the charcoal.

The GE Smart Water Filtration line offers two types of carbon filters. The Single-Stage Carbon Filtration System is designed for a family of three or less. It has a six-months filter life and reduces chlorine, mercury, asbestos, sediments, lindane, and more. The Dual-Stage Carbon Filtration system is designed for families of three or more. It also has a six-months filter life and reduces lead, cysts, VOCs, mercury, asbestos, sediments, rust, and more.

Refrigerator and Ice Maker Filters

The GE refrigerator and ice maker filters are designed for refrigerators that have built-in water filters. These filters are so easy to use they can be installed with one hand! They connect directly to the water lines behind your refrigerator for smooth system integration. They have a filter life of six months, or every 750 gallons, and reduce lead, cysts, and sediments.


Final Thoughts

General Electric’s line of Smart Water filters offers a range of different filtration systems. From reverse osmosis to carbon activated, you are bound to find one to meet all your drinking and cooking water needs.