How to Drink More Water Every Day

Mar 31 , 2017

How to Drink More Water Every Day

Staying hydrated and making it a point to drink enough water every day is easy for some people. Others find it a lot more challenging, especially if they’re not particularly fond of water in the first place.

If that sounds like you, consider giving one or more of the following suggestions a try. You’ll be reaping the benefits of proper hydration and living the healthy life you deserve in no time!

1.      Jazz things up when it comes to the flavor of your water.

Some people find it much easier to drink multiple glasses of water every day when it has a little more zip. That’s why detox waters and infused waters are so popular these days.

What’s more, infused water is easy to make, not to mention nutritious. Add any combination of items that sounds good to you. Choose from fresh fruit, vegetable slices, herbs or even sliced ginger.

2.      Tie your water drinking to a daily habit.

Is drinking enough water more something you forget to do, as opposed to something you just don’t enjoy that much? Try getting in the habit of drinking water right before or after something you do multiple times a day. For instance, you could decide that every time you get up to use the bathroom, you’re going to stop by the kitchen afterward and have a glass.

Other people find they have good luck drinking a glass before each meal. Not only is this a great way to make sure you stay hydrated enough, but it can help you feel satisfied with less actual food when it’s time to eat. That’s not a bad way to keep excess calorie intake at bay!


3.      Add lots of ice to your other drinks.

Naturally, giving up sugary drinks like soda, juice or sweet tea altogether in favor of water would be best. However, not everyone can picture life without their favorite beverages. If that sounds familiar, try adding water to the mix to whatever degree you can handle.

Start by watering down your drink just a bit – not so much that it tastes bad, but enough that you’re definitely getting in some extra hydration. Keeping your drinks cold with lots of ice is another way to get the sweetness you’re craving, while still giving your system the water it needs.

4.      Keep a water bottle nearby at all times.

If drinking enough water requires going out of your way too much or too often, you’re a lot less likely to do it. Keep things easy on yourself by making sure a water bottle or a gallon jug is always close at hand.

You’re a lot more likely to turn taking occasional swigs into an actual habit. Also, seeing the bottle or jug sitting right there at all times can serve as a constant reminder to keep up with those sips.


5.      Up your intake of foods rich in water.

Drinking more water isn’t the only way to stay better hydrated. We don’t think about it much, but a lot of the foods we eat are full of water, too. Examples include numerous fruits and vegetables like cucumber, zucchini, grapefruit and watermelon. Broth-based soups contain lots of additional water, as well, so grab a spoon and enjoy!

6.      Start filtering your water.

It’s no secret that drinking water straight from the tap isn’t the most enjoyable experience. Tap water can be full of trace contaminants that make it smell or taste tinny and odd. Examples include but are not necessarily limited to chemicals like chlorine, trace heavy metals, microorganisms and even pesticides.

Investing in a water filter can help rid your tap water of all of these elements. Not only will it taste significantly better, but it will be better for you, as well.

You’ve got lots of options to choose from as far as the type of water filter you choose. There are pitcher-style water filters you can fill and keep in your fridge, as well as faucet filters that can be easily installed right there on your kitchen sink. There are even refrigerator water filters that can grant you continuous access to not only cold, drinkable water, but filtered ice cubes, as well.

Just choose the option that makes the most sense to you and start sipping! You’ll wonder why you didn’t get on board with filtered water sooner.