Brand Spotlight: Why We Love EveryDrop™ Water Filters

Jul 13 , 2018

Brand Spotlight: Why We Love EveryDrop™ Water Filters

A healthy lifestyle starts from the inside out. New technologies make healthful choices easier to find and use than ever before. Chances are, if you’ve read about getting healthy, you’ve read about the importance of drinking more water.


However, nowadays, environmentally unfriendly practices are widespread. This negatively impacts our natural resources, including the quality of municipal water. Thus, having a water filter has become an urgent need. EveryDrop™ water filters are expertly crafted for refrigerators, ice machines, and water dispensers, making your water filtration choices more convenient and simpler than ever before.

Their efficient water filtration eliminates many health-compromising water contaminants, such as arsenic, barium, radium, and chlorine. EveryDrop™ Water has constructed outstanding filter technologies, to guarantee healthy and safe water for everyone.

Ingenious Craftsmanship

With its revolutionary technology, EveryDrop™ Water has designed a three-step filtration system, allowing three times more effectiveness and leaving no opportunity for a contaminant to sneak into your child’s glass of water. The consecutive filtration processes are divided according to the size of debris it captures.

(A) The Particle filtration process captures relatively large-sized contaminants such as dust, clay, and sand particles. These contaminants may find their way to your faucet as a result of defects in your water well or low-quality local water treatment premises.

(B) Microfiltration purifies the water from the hazardous medium-sized contaminants, including lead, bromine, pesticides, and herbicides.

(C) Waterborne biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses are dealt with through the absorption filtration process. It captures the microscopic contaminants that cause diseases like dysentery, typhoid fever, and Hepatitis A.

EveryDrop™ Water’s three-step technology ensures all particles are captured, with no chance of even the smallest molecules finding their way into your glass.

 water purification process 

Trusted by Top Brands

EveryDrop™ Water is certified by a group of prestigious appliances brands like Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Amana, and MAYTAG. This guarantees you are getting the best quality with an affordable price tag.

Portable Water Filters

Besides their fixed attachable filters for water dispensers and refrigerators, EveryDrop™ offers handy portable water filters, giving you the option to change any water dispenser to a source of clean, fresh water within seconds. 

Great Filtration Speed


EveryDrop's™ portable water filters can purify one gallon of water every two minutes, making it more efficient than other reputable brands. In other words, you can get a 24-fl. oz. bottle of pure water in about 20 seconds.



If you choose EveryDrop™ portable water filters, you will not need to replace them soon. One filter from EveryDrop™ is sufficient for producing 450 bottles of healthy refreshing water.

Healthy Raw Materials


EveryDrop™ water filters are free from phthalates and Biphenyl A (BPA), chemicals, which are used in the manufacture of plastic containers, including bottles. BPA and similar phthalates have been classified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as chemicals of high concern due to their hazardous impact on gland functionality, causing hormonal imbalances.

Negative Impacts of Consuming Contaminants

The effects of water contaminants on human health vary from acute, which can occur within hours or days as a result of high exposure to contaminates, to chronic, which results from consuming contaminates over the course of many years. Microbes such as bacteria and viruses hold potential for reaching high enough levels to cause acute health problems.

Although most people can fight off these microbial contaminants, if exposed to high levels illness can occur and those with weakened immune systems can suffer deadly effects. When experiencing chronic effects, people can develop cancer, liver or kidney problems, or reproductive problems.

Types of Contaminants

Water can be a suitable harbor for variant types of contaminants. Here are some examples of health-deteriorating water contaminants and their effects:

·         Arsenic: Potential health risks include serious skin problems and cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.

·         Barium: Respiratory distress, high blood pressure, fluctuations in heart rhythm, stomach irritation, brain swelling, muscle weakness, and damage of vital organs like liver, kidney, and spleen are all possibilities.

·         Radium: There is an increased risk of cancer.

·         Chlorine: Possibilities include swollen upper airways due to inflammation that may end up with obstruction; severe coughing, nausea, and vomiting; dizziness, headache, and chest pain; and burning under the breastbone.

Rising Concerns

Along with well-known contaminates, recently the EPA has discovered contaminates not previously detected or with less concentration, known as “contaminants of emerging concern” or “emerging concern,” finding their way into the water supply.

The list includes oral drugs and personal care products, such as shampoos and cosmetics.

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How to Protect Yourself from Contaminants

Water is an essential aspect of any healthy lifestyle, but is your water as wholesome as you think? Is it as safe as it can be? EveryDrop™ Water filters are an excellent way to reduce the harmful components that exist in the water supply and, now, even those new contaminants that have started to sneak in.

With affordable, efficient and convenient choices from EveryDrop™ Water filters, it has never been easier to select a system that suits your needs to ensure the safety of you and your family, now and for years to come.