Want Simple, Safer, and Cleaner Water? Try Everpure Filters.

Aug 30 , 2017

Want Simple, Safer, and Cleaner Water? Try Everpure Filters.

You may not think to question the quality or composition of the drinking water in your home, but tap water typically contains a wide range of contaminants which can compromise its safety and impact its flavor. Long-term exposure to contaminants such as mercury and lead can lead to potential health problems, while impurities like chlorine may give your water an unpleasant odor or taste.

Installing an effective water filtration system in your home is simple and inexpensive to do, and it is the best way to guarantee the purity of your drinking water. Everpure water filters employ innovative Micro-Pure precoat filtration technology to remove contaminants and impurities from your water, for better tasting, safer water.

This breakthrough technology offers unmatched levels of chlorine reduction, particle capture, and odor removal, and has a highly effective antimicrobial filter. This not only makes your drinking water safer but can also prolong the lifespan of your filter by preventing premature clogging, which can impair its effectiveness.

Everpure’s Micro-Pure technology has been proven to be highly successful in removing contaminants and preventing the growth of bacteria and is approved by the FDA, EPA, and NSF.

Here are three of the most popular Everpure filters, all of which have been specifically designed to improve the quality and taste of your water, while safeguarding you and your family from potentially harmful contaminants.

Everpure H-300

The Everpure H-300 water filtration system uses a uniquely designed pleated filter membrane, with a large surface area that makes it well equipped to remove a wide range of contaminant and pollutants from your water. With a capacity of 300 gallons of dedicated filtration, this product offers a long-lasting water purification service that can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend on bottled water by providing your family with pure, great tasting water from the tap.


The innovative Micro-Pure technology successfully removes most contaminants commonly found in tap water and prevents the buildup of sediments such as lime and scale in your pipes. This not only makes your drinking water cleaner, but may also help to prolong the life of your appliances connected to your water supply. The cartridge is very simple to change without any need for specialist equipment, and it has a built-in water shut-off for easy replacement.


The Everpure H-300 water filter effectively reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in your water, including compounds of gasoline and industrial cleaners, and can cause health problems and illnesses over time. It is also proven to significantly reduce the amount of lead and cysts, as well as any odor or taste from chlorine. This filter is highly effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which are not only potentially harmful to your health but can also cause clogging, which can shorten the life of your filter.

hand pouring a glass of water from filter tap blue background

Everpure H-104

Using the same Micro-Pure technology and unique pleated filter membrane as the H-300 model, the Everpure H104 is specially designed to capture and trap particles as small as 0.5 microns. In doing so, it removes a large percentage of contaminants such as lead, as well as reducing the flavor and odor of chlorine, and the presence of mold and algae.


With an impressive 1,000-gallon capacity, the Everpure H-104 has a lifespan that will continue to provide your family with clean, pure water for a long time. When the cartridge does need replacing, the built-in water shut-off system makes this an easy task that can be performed without any need for professional assistance.

By removing sediments from your tap water, the Everpure H-104 can also prevent the buildup of limescale in your water appliances. This can prolong the lifespan of your appliances, reduce the need to perform limescale removal, and leave your water tasting great.


The Everpure H-104 is a long-lasting, commercial-grade water filtration system that effectively removes potentially harmful contaminants, microorganisms, and unpleasant odors and flavors from your drinking water. By effectively removing toxic metals, such as lead, and odorous impurities, such as chlorine, from your tap water, this filter can ensure you and your family can enjoy a continuous supply of safe, clean, great-tasting water.

Everpure H-1200

The Everpure H-1200 filter’s exclusive precoat filtration technology has a large filtering surface area, enabling it to remove a large number of the contaminants usually found in tap water. With a 1,000-gallon capacity, this filter performs consistently throughout its long-life span, providing pure, refreshing drinking water.


This water filtration system not only successfully removes most potentially harmful contaminants in your family’s drinking water, but it also significantly improves its flavor. By removing compounds and impurities such as chlorine and MTBE, while retaining all the vital minerals naturally found in water, the Everpure H-1200 produces clean, fresh, and crisp-tasting water.

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The long lifespan and consistently high performance of this filter make it ideal for those who want to provide their family with a continuous supply of delicious, filtered, pure drinking water. Its easy installation and replacement make it perfect for use in the home.

By utilizing groundbreaking technology that combines Micro-Pure and a uniquely pleated filter membrane, Everpure water filtration systems effectively remove potentially harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water.


Everpure water filters are effective in neutralizing unpleasant flavors and odors caused by impurities such as chlorine, making your drinking water taste fresh and clean. By removing sediments from your water and preventing the growth of microorganisms, Everpure filters can prevent clogging in your water appliances, extending their lifespan.

They are easy to fit and replace and provide consistently excellent performance over a long lifespan.