5 Amazing Water Conservation Projects

Mar 13 , 2017

5 Amazing Water Conservation Projects

When it comes to precious resources human beings can’t live without, it doesn’t get much more essential than water. You quite literally can’t survive more than three days without it, making continuous access to drinkable water an absolute must for every last person on the planet. Even so, 1 in every 10 people worldwide doesn’t have reliable access to safe water. That’s roughly 663 million people!

In other words, the global water crisis is a very real thing that affects a shocking number of human beings—exactly why there are numerous organizations working tirelessly to end it. Conservation is a key part of that equation, and the following projects are just a few of the ongoing water conservation projects we love most.

1.      The Blood: Water Mission

The Blood: Water organization doesn’t just acknowledge the ongoing need for safe, clean water in developing countries and communities around the world. They also recognize the unbreakable connection clean water has to overall health. Their ongoing mission is to tackle not only water access in Africa but also ongoing health issues like AIDS and HIV.

Blood: Water is accomplishing this by funding numerous programs related to iWASH (Integrated Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). As a result, numerous people and communities living in Africa now have access to information, tools, and sanitation technology that is empowering them in exciting new ways.

2.      Project WET: Worldwide Water Education

When it comes to the worldwide water crisis, we all have a responsibility to do our part. However, before people can act, they must be educated. The Project WET Foundation seeks to educate and inform people all around the world in regards to numerous water-related topics, up to and including water conservation.

Ongoing efforts related to Project WET include the continuous publication of education resources in multiple languages and the provision of training workshops. Project WET also organizes events like community gatherings and awareness campaigns, the better to reach parents, educators, children, professionals, scientists, and more.

3.      National Geographic Society’s Freshwater Initiative

When we all keep water conservation in mind and make appropriate changes to our lifestyles, amazing things are accomplished. That said, water conservation begins in the home for each and every one of us. The National Geographic Society’s Freshwater Initiative is all about empowering citizens just like you to take action.

Thanks to this initiative, communities and households all over the world now have a clear idea about just how critical water conservation really is. Education efforts focus on mobilizing all people to engage in simple actions like installing low-flow showerheads, dealing with plumbing upgrades or repairs in a timely manner, and recycling water whenever possible.

4.      Generosity Water

The idea for Generosity Water first came into being when a pastor named William Wagner read a newspaper article about the many issues faced by communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, including but not limited to lack of clean water access. He immediately decided he wanted to help. With the help of his church parish, family, and friends, Wagner successfully raised enough money to supply a lucky village in Malawi with a clean water well.

Since then, Generosity Water has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Today, it’s a full-scale organization that continues to raise money for even more wells by selling bottled water to consumers. An amazing 100% of those profits are applied directly to the cause at hand.

5.      Blue Planet Network

When it’s time to solve a problem of any size, is there any force in the world more powerful than cooperation? Blue Planet Network certainly doesn’t think so. Their ongoing project is all about connecting multiple entities responsible for water access, hygiene, and management, to the tune of amazing results.

Blue Planet’s streamlined technology and services make it possible for its members to oversee and manage more than 1,600 different water projects worldwide. As a result, over 1 million people in 2,300 communities across 27 different countries have been granted adequate access to proper sanitation technology and clean drinking water.

Of course, these are just a few of the many water conservation efforts currently protecting the world’s water supply and ensuring that every human has their needs met. You can help by supporting their efforts in any way you can—donating, volunteering, or raising awareness. You can also make a difference by conserving water in your own household and making sure to always use water wisely.