Gold Series GS-S2 Refrigerator Replacement Filter Fits Samsung HAF-CINS/ DA29-00020B

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Welcome to the Gold Series in water filtration. Built upon the foundation and knowledge of industry experts, the new Gold Series line of filters is designed and engineered for superior filtration capabilities at an affordable price.The workhorse of the Gold Series is the coconut shell carbon block filter. Using coconut...

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Gold Series

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Welcome to the Gold Series in water filtration. Built upon the foundation and knowledge of industry experts, the new Gold Series line of filters is designed and engineered for superior filtration capabilities at an affordable price.

The workhorse of the Gold Series is the coconut shell carbon block filter. Using coconut shells, which are the earth’s best renewable filtration source, the filter is crafted to reduce sand, silt, sediment, rust, chlorine taste, and odors that may be present in your water. Utilizing a high-quality catalytic coconut shell carbon ensures the highest quality of filtration; delivering clean, crisp, and clear drinking water for you and your family.

NSF Certified, this filter will provide you with reliable performance as independently tested and verified.

*Designed and built right here in the U.S., where quality matters on every product.


Samsung* Filters:





Flow Rate: .5 gpm (1.89 lpm)
Operating Temperature: 33°-100°F (0.6°-38°C)
Min Operating Pressure: 30 psi (207 kPa)
Max Operating Pressure: 100 psi (689 kPa)
Life: 6 months or 300 gallons (1,136 liters)

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AFC-RF-S3 AP5271937 CF7 CLCH105 CUSCIN CW-S2 CWMF021 DA-97-08006A DA-97-08006A-B DA-97-08006B DA29-00019A DA29-00020A DA29-00020B DA2900019A DA2900020A DA2900020B DA97-08006A-B DWF-7 EAP4138224 EBL7800 EFF-6027A EFW-DA2920 FMS-2 HAF-CIN HAF-CIN-EXP HAF-CINEXP HAFCIN HDX-FMS-2 KJ20B PD00002121 PH21310 RWF0700A RWF1011 S-2-2 SAMSUNG20B SGF-DA20B SW-S2 WD-DA29-00020B WF-1110A WF-11362C WF294 WFBRFSA2 WFC1401 WLF-20B WSS-2

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