Mar 14 , 2014

Water Facts and the Environment

Water is one of the four basic elements and it is very important for our survival. Apart from using water to drink, we also need it to keep ourselves clean, to cook food, and to grow crops. Can you imagine a country without any water at all? Sadly, our overall amount of usable water has been getting lower and lower over time. Part of the reason for this is pollution. Some areas in the world don’t have clean bottled water. Instead, they have to fetch water from a river or a well. When there are dangerous chemicals in the river, people can get very sick from drinking that water. Global warming is another reason for the huge decrease in water abundance. As the temperature of the Earth rises, our climate becomes warmer everywhere. This means that many water sources, such as streams or rivers, completely dry up. The people in these areas have less clean water to drink and their crops die too, so they have less food. Since our water supplies are linked around the world, everyone has to take part in helping to conserve water and reduce the pollutants that enter the water stream. Have a look at some of these fascinating facts below to learn more about water.